Common Issues

How do I fix create, open, save, or data loss issues with XD cloud documents?

There are several reasons why you cannot create, open, or save cloud documents, or experience data loss. To fix these issues, see Fix issues with Adobe XD cloud documents.

How do I fix publishing issues with design specs and prototype links?

You may get an error code, or face scenarios specific to an enterprise environment. Find the solutions for these errors in Issues with publish workflows.

Why can't I view published design specs and prototypes in browsers?

Browser settings can affect the rendering of design specs and prototypes. Learn how to change the browser settings, and find other browser-related fixes in Published Adobe XD prototypes do not appear in browsers.

Why can't I import or export files in Adobe XD?

XD supports various file formats like PSD, Ai, Sketch, JPG, etc. If you are facing import or export issues with these file formats, see Why can't I import or export files in Adobe XD?

How do I fix XD plugin installation issues on Windows and macOS?

You may get specific installation or permission error messages. Find the solutions for these errors in Issues installing XD plug-ins.

How do I fix crash issues?


In few situations, Adobe XD might crash on launch after upgrading to a newer version on macOS. To fix this issue, see Adobe XD crashes on launch on macOS


Inadequate permissions on XD folders, and outdated Windows version and display drivers can cause XD to crash. To fix these issues, see Adobe XD crashes when launched on Windows 10.